Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Capitol Hill Public School Parent Organization

Last evening my wife, Nadine, attended the Capitol Hill Public School Parent Organization meeting that was held at Watkins Elementary. Most of us had no idea this group existed. They were overjoyed that someone from Ludlow-Taylor was in attendance.

Here are the basics of the meeting.

The mission statement of this organization is to promote cooperation among the parent organizations of the public schools on Capitol Hill in order to imporve the education received by all children attending our schools.

This month's agenda included:

1. A discussion of Middle and High School Programs both on the Hill and off. Our discussion centered around contacting middle and high school principal’s for information gathering: What does each program currently include? What could be added to make schools more “attractive” prospective students? If is school is already in demand—why is it? What makes a student prepared when entering Middle or High School from the principal’s point of view? From the Principal’s point of view, what are the “need trends” for their school?

2. A report of the most recent meeting of the Eastern High School Coomunity Forum. Eastern High School is considering pursuing a 3 program model that will answer the needs of students in the community: One centered around the medical field, one around the legal field and one around International Studies.

3. Discussion about the MOTH School Information Night on December 3rd at St. Peter's Church at 2nd and C Street SE--Volunteers for table.

4. School Yard Greening Updates from all schools with representatives present at the meeting—Tyler and Brent reported.

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