Saturday, October 10, 2009

Daily logistics for me and my three-year old

Each morning after our mandatory stop at the local coffee house I bike over to school for the drop off. Security seems to be well maintained at Ludlow Taylor. A gentleman greets me at the entryway and then we walk immediately to the security desk to sign in. The security officer's name is Mrs. Powell. I have seen her interact with many of the older students and they all seem to respect her and also behave well in her presence. With the DCPS security contract up in the air, we're unsure of her future but we hope she can stay.
All adults are required to sign-in upon entering the building and after 9:00 am the school doors are locked and anyone wishing to gain entry must be buzzed in via the intercom.

Mrs. Cobbs is our principal and she and the teachers decided that instead of having the really young kids(3- and 4-year-olds) meet in the assembly hall, that they instead would go directly to their classrooms. THIS DECISION WAS HUGE! Thanks Mrs. Cobbs! Our teacher's aid greets all of the children as they enter and we hang up his spare clothes, his nap linens and lunch on his personal storage area.

Though my son eats before we arrive, free breakfast is provided/offered to all children in the program.
Once we say our good-byes the children have free-play time while they wait for the official school time to begin at 9:00am.
Parents can drop their children anytime after 8:00am. In the early weeks some flexibility was allowed in terms of acclimating to the full school day(8:45-3:15). Once the school year began and we got used to the program, we tried to tighten that up.

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