Saturday, October 10, 2009

Disclaimer and Introduction

Disclaimer - The statements in this blog are MY observations and what I believe to be the policy. I will do my best to insure their accuracy. For official DCPS or Ludlow-Taylor policy, consult the school or the central office.

Our local school is Ludlow-Taylor. Our school is part of our neighborhood. Because of this I believe that each resident in the vicinity of our school must take ownership and support it's progress. Each neighbor has the responsibility to work towards the school's success. It's as much a part of educational quality as it is a part of the quality of our community. This is why I chose to call this blog "LT Neighborhood". Hopefully as we continue to grow, each neighbor will feel proud to be a neighbor of our school regardless of whether or not they have a child attending.

In speaking with many of the parents of children in the Three-Year-Old Program, I believe that all of us are so very happy that we chose to stay in-bounds by sending our child to Ludlow-Taylor this year. Both teachers and teaching aids are extremely loved by the families who benefit from their care and instruction. My son often does not want to leave at the end of the day. Because of this success, I felt it would be a good idea to begin a blog to proclaim our continued successes and progress at Ludlow-Taylor. Through this I hope to encourage other parents to send their child to our school so that we may have an involved parent body and increased enrollment.

I hope to interview parents, educators and staff as well as report on current and future projects at the school. To begin, I thought I'd try to outline the average day in terms of logistics.

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